• Notebook / Diary SARI (large) 22x14 cm - SARI-NG024

Notebook / Diary SARI (large) 22x14 cm - SARI-NG024

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Decorative handmade notebook with a great sari cover *.

The approximately 100 natural-colored pages are hand-made. Some of the pages are decorated with delicate yellow petals. The book is tied with a black string.
Is also perfect as a fancy gift. None is identical to another. So you get a very individual, beautiful notebook.

Dimensions: about 22x14cm

* The sari (English also saree) is a traditional Indian garment for women and is still worn very often in everyday life in India and Nepal. The wrapping robe consists of a 5-6m long ungeähtem rectangular cloth, which usually has a wide Schmuckborte of other color at the end. The cover of the photo albums is made of this material. Also the Schmuckborte finds itself in some bindings again.

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